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California Immigrant Policy Center
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Los Angeles OFFICE

1145 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Ph/Fax: 213.250.0880

Carlos Amador, Lead Organizer

Betzabel Estudillo, Health Policy Coordinator

Carolina Gamero, Communications Associate

Reshma Shamasunder, Executive Director

Gabriela Villareal, Policy Manager



1225 8th Street, Suite 590
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph: 916.448.6762
Fax: 916.448.6774

Ronald Coleman, Goverment Affairs Manager

Gina Da Silva, Policy Advocate


436 14th Street, Suite 805
Oakland, CA 94612
Ph: 510.451.4882
Fax: 510.451.1297

Lucia Lin, Bay Area Organizer

Jon Rodney, Communications Manager

Reshma Shamasunder
Executive Director
Ph: 213.250.0880 ext. 110

Ronald Coleman
Government Affairs Manager
Ph: 916.448.6762

Gabriela Villareal
Policy Manager
Ph: 213.250.0880 ext. 115

Jon Rodney                          Communications Manager
Ph: 510.451.4882 ext.302                 

Carlos Amador
Lead Organizer
Ph: 213.250.0880 ext. 111 

Carolina Gamero
Communications Associate
Ph: 213.250.0880 ext. 113


Gina Da Silva
Policy Advocate
Ph: 916.448.6762

Lucia Lin
Bay Area Organizer
Ph: 510.451.4882 ext. 303


Betzabel Estudillo
Health Policy Coordinator
Ph: 213.250.0880 ext.114 









Steven Sepulveda
Program Assistant
Ph: 916.448.6762 ext. 100






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