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New Costs for Immigrant Day 2014

more information:

Gina Da Silva

510.451.4882 ext.304

immigrant day 2014

New Fees & Guidelines

Immigrant Day attracts a large and diverse participation from across the state. To ensure the sustainability and continued success of this cherished tradition, as well as a safer and improved event, CIPC is making several changes to the travel and lunch support provided for registrants.

Travel Fee - General Immigrant Day registration will continue to be free for all participants. Registration will not be capped and all interested parties are welcome to attend and participate in the day. For organizations that need travel support a fee of $15 p/person will be charged for a bus seat. This fee includes lunch.

Lunch Fee - For organizations that will be arranging their own travel support but need lunch arrangements for their group a $5 p/person fee will be charged.

Deadlines - Please note the deadlines and guidelines for registration and the legislative visits before registering your organization. These guidelines are in place to provide a valuable experience for all Immigrant Day participants and are based on evaluations and feedback from prior years.

Scholarships - Currently, CIPC staff is engaging in fundraising efforts to provide scholarships for Immigrant Day. The availability of these scholarships will depend on Immigrant Day sponsorships.

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