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Fighting Detention, Profiteering, & Criminalization


CIPC recognizes that certain federal and state policies further criminalize immigrant communities and communities of color, pushing more people into jails, prisons, and detention centers. We oppose policies that fuel mass incarceration and we stand against cynical efforts to profit off of detention and imprisonment.

Too often, immigrants get “lost in detention” for long periods of time, without even the ability to see an immigration judge. Serious human rights violations occur with zero accountability and zero transparency and this must change. We support the growing calls to end failed policies of mass incarceration and mass deportation, we also call for policies that respect the humanity and the basic rights of every person.

Our Work

As part of this commitment, CIPC has supported solutions to limit profiteering. CIPC has previously supported policy initiatives that fight back against exorbitant phone charges and the sole use of video visitation in jails across the state. CIPC co-sponsored AB 1876 in 2014 to reduce the cost of phone calls in jails, however the bill did not make it to the Governor's desk. We are glad the Federal Communications Commission has taken action to address this problem nationwide.

In 2016, CIPC supported SB 1157 which sought to create an affirmative right to in-person visitation in county jails and juvenile facilities across California. The bill was vetoed by the Governor, however we continue to monitor this issue through the Board of State Community Corrections (BSCC) and the CA legislature.

CIPC also supported the passage of AB 2298 in 2016. AB 2298 allows adults to inquire if they are on the CalGang database and to petition to get their name removed if so. CIPC continues to support the implementation efforts of the bill and to monitor policies that seek to further criminalize individuals.


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