Fighting Mass Deportation


Entangling police and sheriffs with a cruel deportation machine threatens the civil liberties and safety of all Californians. Racial profiling and abusive arrests go against our strongly-held values - and tear local families and communities apart. When local and state law enforcement act as deportation agents, that further undermines community confidence and puts victims and witnesses at risk.

Our Work

The California Values Act - SB 54 (de León) - passed in 2017

CIPC worked with partners across the state to pass this vital measure, which helps protect families and communities from Trump’s cruel deportation machine. SB 54, sometimes referred to as the "Sanctuary State" law, limits the involvement of police and sheriffs in painful deportations. It will also limit immigration enforcement actions at public schools, hospitals and health facilities, courthouses, and libraries. Following a statewide campaign, Gov. Brown signed the California Values Act on October 5, 2017, and it went into effect on January 1, 2018. The new law sets a foundation that local governments can and should continue to build upon.

The TRUTH Act - AB 2792 (Bonta) - passed in 2016

The TRUTH Act puts vital know-your-rights information in the hands of immigrant community members held in local jails and targeted by ICE. The TRUTH Act ensures community members have the “right to know” if ICE has asked the jail to turn them over for deportation and protects the “right to say no” or to request to have an attorney present for abusive interrogations in local jails where deportation agents often coerce, intimidate, and violate basic rights.

The TRUST Act - AB 4 (Ammiano) - passed in 2013

The TRUST Act, passed after 3-year community campaign, set a minimum standard across California to limit cruel and costly ICE hold requests in local jails. TRUST also warned that any ICE hold risked violating the constitution. And just four months after it went into effect, a major federal court ruling in Oregon validated this warning, effectively ending holds in counties across California. ICE later changed its tactics, making further state action urgently necessary.

Local Sanctuary Policies

Local policies that keep law enforcement out of deportations are crucial to upholding due process & protecting communities. Sanctuary policies are about upholding our deepest values: all people are created equal and should be treated fairly.


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