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- Medi-Cal Expansion

CIPC is working with partners across the state to pass this vital measure which will protect families and communities across the state from Trump’s cruel deportation machine. The bill limits the entanglement of police and Sheriffs in painful deportations and will also keep our public schools, hospitals and health facilities, courthouses, and libraries safe and accessible to all Californians. The CA Values Act passed the Senate on April 3, 2017 and now heads to the Assembly.

- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Access to Medi-Cal Coverage

DACA recipients and undocumented people are excluded from purchasing health coverage and receiving tax credits through the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, they cannot buy and are not mandated to have health insurance through California’s marketplace, Covered California. However, in California low-income DACA recipients can sign up for full-scope Medi-Cal, if they meet income requirements.

Newly Qualified Immigrant (NQI) Wrap

California currently provides state-funded full-scope Medi-Cal to “newly qualified immigrants” (NQI) , ages 21-64, who are subject to the federal “five-year” bar. The Governor’s proposed budget in January proposed to move all NQIs from full-scope Medi-Cal to Covered California in 2018 with certain wrap-around services. Covered California would act as the primary insurer and Medi-Cal would cover benefits not included in Covered California, such as adult dental. Medi-Cal would pay any premiums and out-of-pocket costs not otherwise covered by Affordable Care Act tax credits for this population.

Covered California

Covered California is our state insurance marketplace for consumers to view, shop, and compare a health plan that works for them.


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